FT-818ND Debut


FT-817NDの棚の下に小さくFT-818NDが3月末に発売とあるではないですか? 2000年に発売されたFT-817は超ロングセラー機で私のようにファンも多い機種。 今まで何度もFT-817NDの後継機が出る出るといいながらすべてガセネタでした。 中にはIC7000のカラーディスプレーをFT-817NDのフロントパネルにフォトショップではめ込んだようなデタラメなものも出ていました。






  • 6W RF出力 (2W for AM)
  • TCXO標準実装
  • 大容量のバッテリーパック 1400mAh から 1900mAhに変更
  • そして 価格 ….. +3000 円

この内容でちょっとがっかりした人もいると思いますが、私は山岳移動でカラー液晶のような大きな消費電力は困るなと思っていたので、見た目よりも質を取るYAESUの方針、特にこの山岳移動に特化したような機種には良い方針であると思っています。 でも、もうちょっと変化も欲しかったですね。 DSPにして軽くするとか・・・・


At long long last, Yaesu responded to SOTA and all field operation lovers by release of successor of FT-817ND.

Yaesu formally announced that new FT-818ND will be released in the end of March 2018.  Not sure for the release plan for the countries other than JA.

Up to now many information has been pop up and dismissed about the successor of this long sale model FT-817ND, that has been released in Y2000.

Today, I found this tiny ad on the shelf of ham radio shop in Akihabara Tokyo as famous electric city.  Then asked to the shop master and the “big news on tiny ad paper” is true story and he showed me the formal release note addressed to the ham shop.  It is not a big changes like those fake information scattered around in YouTube or some other SNS.  Surely it does not have DSP, not have color display.  Of course no one expected IC-7000 color display fetched into the FT-817ND front panel…. 🙂

After a quick search of the specifications in the release note, the main differences that I found are shown below

  • 6W RF Output power (2W for AM)
  • TCXO built in
  • High capacity battery pack 1400mAh to 1900mAh
  • and Price ….. +3000 yen

Because the difference is very small, I’m not sure if this minor changed model will be released in global market.

Perhaps most of people found some disappointment of this little changed new model.  But as one of SOTA lovers the color display type of fancy attraction is useless for summit operation because of its huge power consumption.  I personally appreciate the way of Yaesu because of its best matching of the use case and its performance.  Will see in the end of March 2018.