Mt. Kintokiyama SOTA JA/KN-007

On Saturday 15 April, we planned to hike on Mt. Kintokiyama SOTA JA/KN-007 but after Thursday Mt. Ooyama hike, I got a small pain  on my right side knee.  Then I stopped hiking to Mt. Kintokiyama just to be in safety side.

We appointed at Ashigara pass at entrance gate to Mt. Kintokiyama.  When I got reached at 7AM, JP1QEC Abu, JI1IHV Jun, JI1UPL Leo (Jun san’s son) and JS2VVH Hoshi were waiting at meeting point.

After that JJ1VLY Miho arrived with JJ1CKE Eva and JJ1CKD Andy.

Enjoyed greeting chats they started hiking to Mt. Kintoki.  Unfortunately my knee made me waiting there.

This activation shall be memorial one for Eva, because she has already got accumulated 1996 points by Thursday success of Mt. Ooyama activation. Then if she get more than 4 QSO as activator, she will be “2000 Mountain Goat”!  Mt. Kintokiyama is 8 point summit.

This photo has been taken at Isehara station after Mt. Ooyama hiking on Thursday and she found an Ad of Farm park showing a photo of Goat!  “I will be that one on Saturday!!”

Eva duly success the Mt. Kintokiyama activation.  Congrat Eva!

After Mt. Kintokiyama activation, we visited JQ2GYU Yutaka and JJ2VLY Miho san’s shack near Mt. Fuji and enjoy dinner and wines. Yutaka and Miho are famous DX expeditioners and really enjoyed dialogues with regards to ham radio, DX peditions and SOTA, etc. We stayed overnight Yutaka and Miho’s shack.

Well tomorrow we are going to Mt. Darumayama because it is easier for my right side knee.



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