JI1GBE/8 SOTA Activation from JA8/OM-038

As expected by many SOTA chasers, Andrew made activation from JA8/OM-038 Mt Kijibikiyama.  I knew he is approaching to the summit then I speculated one of frequency that he may come up.  After 15 min, of my searching around, finally I found some test tones around 14.061MHz.  Wait for the moment and BINGO….. Its his signal.

Perhaps Andrew might be surprised of this quick call just after 1st CQ.

Well thanks again for your activation and congraturations of your success all JA association activations.

Take care and keep safe journey, mate.


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  1. Can you spot where I am trying to remember my callsign? 🙂

    Thanks for the post and the recording! I couldn’t really get 40m going so I went with 20m and 15m

    Stunning views from the drive, highly recommended, SOTA or not


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