SOTA Gathering #8

Welcome back to Japan, Andrew!

We had a small welcome party with Andrew VK3ARR.  He has a plan to visit Korea HL for his business and drop off a couple of days in Japan.  He arrived on Thursday and he flew to Shikoku Isl, Kagawa prefecture for activation from Mt. Kiyama JA5/KA-015.  Surprisingly he came back to Tokyo within a day and had a party in Akihabara, famous as Electric city.

Today we enjoyed in Shabu-Shabu restaurant again in Akihabara with Hira san JI1IHV, JI1UPL Leo, Andrew JI1GBE/VK3ARR, me JH0CJH and JM1NCT Aki san (from left side).

Enjoyed very much pile of meat and bunch of drinks…….  Perhaps no meat left in that restaurant…….

Andrew will go to Hokkaido JA8 and activate a summit tomorrow morning.  What a quick man he is!

Take care and enjoy your staying in Japan.



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