SOTA Gathering #4

Today we had a Summits on the Air (SOTA) Japan association gathering #4 in Akihabara.

Welcome back to Japan Andrew E JI1ASG and Gina, on your way back to New Zealand from Korea.  Really appreciate one stop to memorial Japan.  Andrew is one of key member to start up SOTA Japan association and he was the big wheel to promote it into Japan.

We also got attended Arnaud JG1XMV, Hiro JG0AWE, Kaz JK1NRL and really enjoyed the night today.

We actually took our photo before drunk but this photo “version after” might show everything in the gathering tonight.

We really enjoyed Shabu-shabu buffet and free and end-less drink of beer, sake, shochu, cocktail, etc.

See you soon again mate!


ちょうどSOTA日本支部の設立に大きく貢献していただいたAndrew E JI1ASG、Gina夫妻が約10年に渡り日本、韓国に滞在し、ニュージーランドに帰国途中に思い出のある日本に立ち寄っていただきました。 他にもSOTA日本支部設立時から協力いただいていたArnaud JG1XMV, Hiroさん JG0AWE, Kazさん JK1NRLが参加。


楽しかったです。 また飲みましょう。



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