Mt. Ooyama SOTA JA/KN-006

Today we JJ1CKE Eva, JJ1CKD Andy and JH0CJH Toru made an activation on Mt. Ooyama JA/KN-006.

Meet with Eva and Andy at 06:20 AM and head to Isehara station.  From Isehara we took a autobus to “Ooyama Cable station”.  We got arrived around 09:10 at Cable car station. Ooyama Cable car is renewed last year and it was my first ride-on to the new car.

It was really nice brand new car but it is very enjoyable by cable car driver.  He was joking a lot and fluent in English and finally he sang a canzone in the car.  It was really fun and thank you for this entertainment.  It is really valuable to get a ride on this cable car… 🙂

After got reached to the “Shimosha” station, we started the real fight with rocky way up to the summit.

Then after 90min hard job, we got the summit point.

Soon after arrival to summit point, we started set up of antenna and started operation.

It was really chilly and wet on summit despite nice weather in down side. Eva san is really freezing there…..

Andy made several QSO in 14MHz CW and Eva made 14MHz SSB and 430MHz FM QSO and all qualified as activators at JA/KN-006.  Congrat mates!

Then it start snowing on summit then we retracted the antenna and rigs then started going down.

We took the another route than climbing up and got warming through decent work.

After came back to Isehara station we went “Mayu” restaurant that my favorite.  Look the volume of all foods.

It is really good to have beer after hiking and the harder hike the better taste……

I have activated JA/KN-006 in Jan this year then points are not given but did 4 QSO today on 430MHz FM.

Thank you all caller today.

Today’s route map

and Altitude of tracking today.


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  1. 昨日は久しぶりのQSOありがとうございました♪

  2. 美島さん、


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